About Firma Signing Solutions & Nationwide Mobile Notary Services

About Us

Our business was created with the purpose of providing a single contact point for nationwide mobile notary services. Our database has over 60,000 professional mobile Notary Signing Agents, Title Producers and Attorneys that is constantly updated and evaluated through a per order rating system to ensure that only the highest qualified mobile Notary Signing Agent is utilized for each closing. Firma Signing Solutions provides you with notary signing services featuring the latest advancements, as well as services that set the standards for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Whether your loan documents are overnighted, e-mailed or digitally prepared, your loan signing will be executed with the professionalism you demand, from our staff and from our Notary Signing Agents. Our notary signing services include contracting the Notary, setting the appointment, confirming with Signer(s), coordinating special instructions, disbursing payment to Notary, tax reporting and all other details involved in the signing. Track all of your signings on one central dashboard. For every order, you’ll know exactly what has been done and what tasks remain. Just drag and drop to upload closing documents to your order. We have a quick turnaround time of 15-30 minutes from when your request is received until it is assigned to a Notary. Contact our friendly staff for answers to any questions you might have or to schedule your first notary signing with Firma Signing Solutions.

Compliance & Security

Firma Signing Solutions adheres to the highest industry standards of compliance and security. We provide Security and CFPB Compliance to Mobile Notary Closings. Documents are transmitted over https and stored in an encrypted state for Signing Agent to download. Scan backs and IDs are uploaded by Signing Agent and also stored encrypted. Our software company conducts internal security audits every 60 days and constantly institutes additional security measures. You can be assured we provide the highest confidence that your loan signing will be handled securely and to the utmost importance to us.